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Bucovina is not only the monasteries


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The eastern part of Bucovina is relatively hilly but the western part is mountainous and forms a natural barrier with Transylvania. Most of the mountains are covered by forests and inhabited by wild animals (bears, wolves, stags and wild boars).

To reach Transylvania, travelers can follow the west direction and cross the Borgo Pass, immortalised in Bram Stoker's Dracula as the residense of the vampire count or to go south through the astonishing Bicaz Gorges. North-west is Maramures, the other archaic and amazing region of Romania.

Bucovina is the land which often seems untouched by time. You can see peasants ploughing the land with horses, scything the long grass, walking the cows to pasture - and clinging to their ancient traditions.
You can see the fabulous wooden houses made by the mountain people and feel the real life of the villages.

Bucovina has remained undiscovered as a mass tourist destination and has remained largely unspoiled because of this.

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Some of the most important churches and monasteries you can visit in this region include...