Churches of Baia


Baia, the first Capital (1359-1365) of the medieval independent state of Moldavia, was mentioned in a time document (1339) to be "the biggest town to East of the Carphatians Mountains". Today is a simple but full of history village.


Church of Saint George

Baia - Stephen the Great's churchStephen the Great built here the Church of St George (known also as The White Church) after he defeated the Hungarian army at the battle of Baia in 1467.

This church was never painted and it was restored several times.



Church of the Assumption of the Virgin

Baia - Petru Rares's churchIn 1532, prince Petru Rares built the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, painted both on the inside and on the outside between 1535-1538.

Its architectural style is similar of church of Parhauti from 1522.

In Baia we also can see the ruins of the Catholic Cathedral "The Holy Virgin" built in 1410 by Stephen the Great's grandfather, prince Alexandru the Good.

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