Suceava - Church of St George - detail of the roof

Saint John the New Monastery of Suceava  

Suceava The  Church Saint George of this monastery  was first built in Moldavia's ancient capital, Suceava, in 1514 by Bogdan III, son of prince Stephen the Great and finished in 1522 by Ştefaniţă - son of Bogdan III.

It  was meant  to become  the new location  for  the  Metropolitan Seat  of  Moldavia (1522-1677)  and it was the largest church at that time in Moldavia.

The exterior walls were painted between 1532-1534 at the order of prince Petru Rares.

In the church of the monastery  are resting the holy relics of the martyr  Saint John the New who was proclaimed in 1402 as the Patron Saint of Suceava.

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